14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

Europe is not only different from Asia in terms of weather, cuisine, but also about culture. To help you feel awkward when traveling to Chau An, here are 14 notes for you when traveling to Europe.
1. Weather and costumes when traveling to Europe Weather in Europe:

  • Spring (from February to April) temperatures range from 6-20 degrees
  • Summer (from May to August) temperatures range from 25 – 34 degrees
  • Autumn (from August to October) temperatures range from 18 to 28 degrees
  • Winter (November to January) temperatures range from below 0 to 13 degrees

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

Costume in Europe:

Find out in advance about European temperature and weather when traveling so you can wear the right outfit.

When traveling to Europe in the cold months, you may have snow, remember to equip yourself with warmth, prepare yourself to use lotion to moisturize your skin and Vaseline to prevent the lips from becoming dry and cracked…

Travel clothes should be lightweight pants, shirts, thin scarves, and especially low-heeled or athletic shoes because most European countries you have to move a lot to get to the bus and power stations. underground … also do not forget to bring umbrella or small raincoat in case of erratic weather.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

2. Foreign currency when traveling Europe

Euro is the common currency of European countries. You should exchange money in Vietnam for convenience and better rates. You can also use a credit card, but you must consider it because it will incur a service charge.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

3. Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol

The third note is quite important when you join the European tour. Drugs (Pharmacy), cigarettes, alcohol are very expensive items when you buy in Europe.

Even for drugs (pharmaceuticals), you need to produce the prescription of your doctor to be purchased. Please bring it with you if you need it and also need to pay attention to the categories and conditions allowed with these 3 types.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

4. Transportation

In some cities, you may have to walk a lot because of a policy prohibiting vehicles due to the density of tourists. Therefore, preparing a good pair of shoes is something you should invest to have a comfortable trip.

Taxi prices in Europe are extremely expensive, taking 10 minutes takes about 15 – 20 EUR.

Vehicles such as buses and subways are quite convenient for you to travel. However, master the schedule and strictly follow the rules on the car like no noise or smoking.

In particular, bicycles are a popular means of transportation in European cities and for traveling by bicycle to explore Europe, tourists can take time on their own, go to places they like and do everything what you want.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

5. Phone and contact

If you call from the hotel it is very expensive. Buy a card or buy a sim to use. And to buy a card, sim, you must present your passport. Tourists can also use popular social networks such as Facebook, Viber, Zalo, Skype, … to contact relatives to save costs.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

6. Eat and drink at a restaurant

If you go out to eat and drink at a restaurant, take care of the rules and traditions. Some restaurants require you to dress very luxuriously to enter meals. Some restaurants allow you to bring drinks but charge very high. The way the restaurant is served is also quite special, only bringing new dishes when all members have finished using the old dishes.

If in Germany you request to return a few cents of excess money, it is considered as an expression of your dissatisfaction with the meal …

Also, you should not pick up excess food and waste. You can be punished for this.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

7. Shopping

Do not buy fake goods in these countries. It’s best to buy brand name products and to ensure quality, choose big stores. Because if you are found by the customs to bring fake goods, you will be subject to a very high penalty.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

8. Behave

You will have to behave courteously and politely when you come to Europe. That means you must not take photos without permission, do not make noise in public, do not litter or smoke where there is a ban …

If you make a mistake you will make others uncomfortable or punished. And generally, you have to respect the private space and the common space of everyone around.

9. Eat differently

Your familiar food when coming here will be noodles or bread. If you drink ice drinks, you usually only have two stones. Not stingy sellers, this is just their tradition.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

10. Security

Any country, European countries are no exception, not paradise. Here, theft and robbery still abound. So be careful when walking in the crowd, travel by public transport and do not leave valuables in the hotel. Keep your property careful and discreet. If backpack, when traveling in crowded areas or means of tools, you should leave the backpack ahead.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

11. Electric tools

The hotel will be less comfortable, usually with only towels and soap, you should prepare yourself toothpaste, brushes, mirrors, combs, tools and other necessities. At hotels in Europe, the equipment uses electricity 220V – 100Hz AC, 2-pin round type. Therefore, you should bring the type of adapter you need to use.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

12. Paid services

There are a lot of services you have to pay when you come to Europe such as toilet fees, TV viewing fees … Even if you go to a mini bar and do not use drinks, you will be charged. So be careful to observe and ask to be sure of the fees for the services you plan to experience.

You should also change lots of small coins, small denominations of 5 and 10 euros to facilitate payment for these services.

14 Things To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Europe

13. Avoid straying

To avoid stray you should follow the group, always bring your business card, the phone number of the tour guide or ask for some additional phone numbers in your group. Don’t forget to follow the business card of the hotel where you stay.

14. Plan and book tickets early

If you plan to travel to Europe, you should buy tickets or book early for about 3 months or more for the best preparation. Before you go, you should also call or send an email to the accommodation hotel to confirm your information if you are self-sufficient.

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