8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap


8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap

According to statistics, there are at least 30 different types of restaurants in Japan with distinct culinary characteristics and service styles. In it, Kaitenzushi – a “sushi sushi” restaurant is quite popular and is loved by many foreigners because we can enjoy Japanese cuisine at affordable prices but very convenient.
Kaitenzushi (回 転 寿司) is a popular restaurant usually priced from 100 – 2000yen, sushi here will be presented with conveyor belts for customers to choose, guests can also order by menu and wait for their share on the conveyor. The sushi price is calculated according to the dish, the price of each item is classified by color on the plate. And payment is based on the number of dishes when finished.

8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap

Nasi Gorend fried rice is a traditional dish of Indonesian people. This dish is delicious and quite cheap, so it is served to locals and tourists throughout the Indonesian islands.

Nasi Gorend fried rice is orange-yellow with the chilliness of chili and the aroma of ginger makes its own characteristics and appeal. The spices to make this dish include: ginger, chili garlic and coriander … Along with that is a fried egg and shrimp cakes are chopped and decorated quite beautifully and strange. This fried rice is sold and serves you not only in popular restaurants but also in Indonesia’s most luxurious restaurants.


8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap

Phở is known as a famous traditional dish and a pride of Vietnamese people. Behind each bowl of pho are delicious spices, attractive family secrets. It can be said that pho is not only an attractive dish of Vietnamese people but also loved by many foreign tourists.

The combination of broth meat and bone broth, along with spices like onions, smells, basil, lemon, chili … have contributed to the delicious, charming and unique flavor of pho. You can get this delicious pho like anywhere in Vietnam, from the most popular restaurants to the most luxurious restaurants …


8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap

On the dining table of the Indians, there can be no shortage of Thali – a traditional dish from ancient times. From the restaurant to the popular restaurant, it is impossible to miss this dish. This is a complete dish of 3 different curries, plus raita, yogurt, pickles, gulab jamun, rice and chapatti. When eating, you can only choose 1 curry and the price for 1 full tray is 100 Rupees.


8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap

Fish and chips (sometimes abbreviated as “fish n’chips”), are a great combination of fish and chips. These are two food sources that are widely popular with relatively affordable prices, providing an indispensable daily dish for everyone and every class in society.
Here we come across a modern cuisine style of a country with a developed economy with convenient, fast but nutritious fast food systems.
It is not difficult for you to buy “fish and chips” in the system of takeaway food stores, or in small traditional pubs on a street, a neighborhood in England.


8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap

Tajine is one of the best dishes in Morocco. Price for a pot of Tajine only 30dh.Tajine includes regular meat of chicken, sheep, beef, fish and vegetables, nuts such as olive, apple, pear, apricot, plum, grape, dates, lemon … honey and spices like cinnamon, ginger, saffron powder, turmeric powder, chili …


8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap

Although originating from the Mediterranean, Shawarma is one of Oman’s most popular dishes. Some stores sell thousands of items every day. This dish consists of lightly marinated chicken, beef or lamb, then grilled and then grilled in bread and salad.


8 World-famous Delicacies That Are Cheap
Pad Thai – Thai dry fried noodle dish. Pho is fried with eggs, meat, shrimp and spices to create a dish full of flavor and color. You can also eat with bean sprouts or tofu (for vegetarians). In addition, the combination of lemon juice, tamarind juice and chili powder will give you a delicious dish full of extremely delicious sour, spicy, salty and sweet.
Thai Pad is the most famous dish and is a traditional Thai dish. If you come to Thailand without the opportunity to enjoy this dish, the trip is still incomplete.

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