Beijing cuisine: The dishes not to be missed

With a harsh winter climate, hot and dry summers, Beijing’s cuisine is made up of the main ingredients of wheat, garlic, green onions, … It is difficult to choose which is a solid dish. Best for this city (because there are so many delicious things). However, we will introduce you to the following typical dishes:

1. Peking duck

When it comes to Beijing, it is impossible not to mention the roasted duck. This dish is a famous specialty and has been brought to many countries around the world. However, when coming here, visitors can not ignore the opportunity to enjoy the right duck on the land itself.

Roasted duck dishes originated from the time of the Nam Trieu and Bac Trieu dynasties. In the Yuan Dynasty, roasted duck was often served in the royal palace. In the Ming Dynasty, roasted duck was fully developed and occupied an important position in the real kings.

The roasted duck pieces with the crunchy crust are extremely attractive and the soft sweet meat is rolled with rice paper and dotted with soy sauce, served with a little celery and cucumber.

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2. Tan Imperial Cusine

This dish appeared from the end of the Qing Dynasty, because the two officials of that time, Tan Zongjun and his son, invented the formula. It is very popular in royal dishes, this is considered a harmonious combination between Southern and Northern cuisine, there are very few spices used in the dish. It has Guizhou’s sour taste, the pungent taste of Hunan peppers, the typical Sichuan flavor, or Hakka’s pickles. A synthetic dish but not chaotic with chicken, pork bone stewed duck meat, ham and scallop scallops for hours. The water used for this dish is considered condensed by the culinary elite, soft and easily digested meat. The process of cooking this dish is considered quite complicated with many stages of preparation.

3. Mongolian hot pot

This hotpot has a history of over 1000 years in China, is really a specialty in Beijing. It is named after Mongolia because of this type of hot pot since the Yuan Dynasty when Mongolia ruled China.

The copper, aluminum or soil pots will be placed in the middle of the table. The hotpot includes lamb, beef, shrimp, fish, fresh vegetables, beans. The most popular hotpot in Beijing is the lamb hotpot. Sliced lamb, then dipped in simmered broth from bone, rolled with herbs and dipping sauce made of sesame and chives, combined with other spices.

This dish is usually eaten in winter, however, visitors can still enjoy Mongolian hotpot in many air-conditioned restaurants despite being in the middle of summer.

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4. Jiaozi Dumplings

This is a traditional Chinese dish on the New Year, especially in the northern provinces like in Beijing. People often steam or fry. The core of the bid includes bacon, sesame oil, white pepper, soy sauce.

This attractive pudding can be found anywhere in Beijing. Tourists should try to eat pork and cabbage, scrambled eggs and chives, or lamb meat in many Muslim restaurants.

5. Hua Chuan, hua Juan

To create a dish with this beautiful name, the chef will coated the cake with green onion and sesame oil, then curl it up, shaped like flowers.

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6. Tofu Fa

This is a popular dish in Beijing, made from a small tofu, “edible terra alba” (plaster). People will soak the beans, then squeeze the young beans.

As the name also said, the taste of this dish. Challenging dish for tourists to taste the first tofu. Perhaps this dish is really hard to eat, unpleasant smell with many tourists but this is a dish that is appreciated by indigenous people when the smelling tofu is more delicious. Tofu Fa has many ways of processing that colors will vary. This rustic dish is sold in markets, roadsides and in restaurants in Beijing China.

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7. Zha Jiang Mian

Specially prepared fresh noodles are one of the most notable types of Chinese cuisine. Noodles can be used or mixed with raw water, but Beijing’s most famous noodles are Zha Jiang Mia. Zha Jiang Mia is the kind of cooked boiled noodle, then mixed with the sauce made of a rich minced pork with herbs.

8. Red lake candy

Everyone’s favorite street food from children, indigenous people to quadrilateral tourists. Candy lot is a street food you will encounter on every road, corner of Beijing. Especially in the winter, the cold weather will make the sugar coating not easy to melt and keep the flavor of candy.

The dish is a combination of sweet sugar-won hemp, which is a long-standing traditional fruit used for making candy. But now people who make candy also use many other fruits to make lollipop. Traveling in Beijing China without a taste of this famous street food is truly a pity.

9. Lu Zhu Huo Shao

This snack is very popular in Beijing, made from many main ingredients such as bread, tofu, pork ribs, pig’s lungs that are chopped and boiled in meat-based water. Huo Shao Lu Zhu usually usually served with minced garlic, satay, vinegar or chives and coriander.

10. Chicken Gong Bao

The dish made from this province is made of stir-fried chicken with peanuts, vegetables and chili. Gong Bao chicken is spicy, attractive, delicious, very suitable to eat with rice on a cold weather day.

11. Royal cuisine

Beijing is the capital of China for over 600 years, so there is a rich and unique royal cuisine. Fangshan restaurant on the east gate of Beihai Park began serving royal dishes since 1920 from famous chefs on Chinese carvings. When coming here, visitors will enjoy all kinds of dishes that only the ancient kings will enjoy.

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