European Food – Intense Spread

European cuisine has a great influence on world food culture. European dishes always create a sense of harmony, sophistication but simplicity and elegance. Tourists are always fascinated by the fatty taste of cheese, butter, milk and the richness of spices or their own special processing. Each type has beauty and different taste, creating the culinary characteristics of each country.

1.Elegant French cuisine

Referring to Europe, it is impossible to ignore beautiful France, romantic, classic but no less luxurious. That elegance also shows even in the taste of the cuisine here. French cuisine is famous for fancy and exotic processed foods.

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The meals of the French cannot lack the presence of wine. In particular, each dish has its own suitable wine. In addition to wine, the sauce is also an ingredient that determines French cuisine style. It is a subtle artistic blend between herbs, aromatic leaves and fruits. French cuisine is the cradle of European cultural and culinary beauty.

2. Simple and exquisite Italian cuisine

This beautiful country is home to the flavorful European cuisine. Simplicity is the characteristic of Italian cuisine. Italian food usually has not too many ingredients, mainly based on the quality of the ingredients in the dish.

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3. Featured of Spanish cuisine

In addition to France and Italy, Spanish cuisine is the third flavor to occupy the hearts of all visitors. For spicy Spanish cuisine is the most impressive feature. Just tasting all the dishes in Spain is enough to take you all year.

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Two basic ingredients appear in most of the menus, which are olive oil and garlic. The food here is: Huevos flamencos, Churros, Ham Jamón Serrano, Chorizo. ​​…, prepared and prepared extremely diverse from flavor to ingredients. It can be likened to Spanish Cuisine as a ball of European cuisine and when you have a chance to enjoy it, you will always remember it.

4. The tradition of British cuisine

The United Kingdom including: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has created a special cuisine. Each territory of the United Kingdom is famous for its specialties such as mashed potatoes, sausages, Scottish region Haghi, Ulster salmon dish symbolized by Northern Ireland or Wales as rebit. European cuisine is dedicated to British cuisine with ice cream or Sunday Roast bread and the style of enjoying afternoon tea is extremely impressive.
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