Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral – the heart of France

The horrific fire occurred at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, causing people all over the world to be shocked and distressed. Despite being controlled, not causing human damage, the fire still left considerable damage to the place that was supposed to be a heroic symbol not only of France. By the way, let’s look back on the history of more than 850 years of one of the greatest buildings in the world.

With more than 850 years of age, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and is a great work of world history, after only a big fire occurred around 18h50 ‘on April 15 local time. , Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris collapsed and burned down in the presence of hundreds of people. The fire suddenly erupted from the roof of the Church and caused a great fire in the area an hour later, making the people of Paris and the world not to be shocked, distressed, and praying together Hope the church is quickly rebuilt.

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

1. Information about Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral (French: “Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris”) was built in the late 12th century, located on Cité island on the river Seine in Paris so it dates back more than 850 years. During the French Revolution in 1789, it was destroyed before it was restored and built into a great work by architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc.

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

The church was also the site chosen by Emperor Napoleon the First in 1804, in the presence of Pope Pie VII.

2. The construction follows the ups and downs of the country

On 12-10-11, Maurice de Sully was elected bishop of Paris. Along with the monks, Maurice de Sully made an important decision: to build on Saint-Etienne square a new Gothic church, much larger than the old church and was the king of France at that time. Louis VII agrees.

Although the construction of Notre Dame Cathedral was started in the 12th century, it was nearly 200 years later that the construction was officially finished in 1345. The church frame was made of wood. 1,300 oak trees, equivalent to 21 hectares of forest.

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

3. Historical witnesses

However, as soon as this magnificent building was forming, history took place in its shadow. The famous demon statues (gargoyle) on the roof of the church have witnessed both glory and tragedy that took place for centuries. During the French Revolution, the church architecture with 13th-century rose windows was looted and nearly destroyed.

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

It is a testament to many glorious moments, or historical tragedies, witnessing the famous story of Joan of Arc – a great man who helped France defeat the British army, … With conservation and restoration Constructing and building people here, it has survived and survived for more than 850 years now.

4. The bells are considered “treasures”.

There is a sound that makes Notre Dame Cathedral become a “treasure” of Paris as well as a more resounding, sacred sound than any other sound that is the sound of the great bell is considered perfect best of the world.

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

Including a bell called Emmanuel, weighing up to 13,000 kg and a 500 kg bell-ringing tree installed in the South Tower of the church in 1685 and still ringing every day to signal the time of the day.

New, smaller bells, a combination of leading technology and the best in tradition are also in the process of being completed in the town of Villedieu-Les-Poeles, Normandy, using methods. Ancient casting of Egypt. Engineers will use all skills and techniques to analyze sound and refine to match the sound of the big bell Emmanuel.

5. The masterpiece of Gothic architecture

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

Notre Dame Cathedral is famous for its sculptures and stained-glass windows that characterize naturalism, which is very different from the previous Roman architecture. Symmetrical fishbone arches, towering towering tower, demon face gutters, soaring ceiling with colorful glass panels … all make the first and greatest Gothic church architecture. in history.

However, writer Victor Hugo described the beauty of architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral in his work: “When a person understands the art of seeing, he can follow get the spirit of an era and see the characteristics of a king, right in the iron door knocking on a door. ”

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

In particular, referring to the Notre Dame Cathedral, people will immediately remember the Rose Window – the famous glass painting art around the world. Natural light through the colorful glass doors, when entering the church will change into different colors with the meaning that reminds each person as a color, everyone is special.

6. Beauty in literature

The wonderful beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral makes people so enraptured that this work appears in both literature and cinema, and becomes more and more beautiful through the eyes of art lovers.

The famous of the church is eternal with the classic “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by the great writer Victor Hugo in 1831, he brought “Esmeralda” or “Quasimodo hunchback” around the world, turning Notre Dame Cathedral becomes the dream of readers everywhere.

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

7. Some other church records

Not everyone knows the fact that the Notre Dame Cathedral is the most popular tourist attraction in Paris, not the famous Eiffel Tower as many people think. Every year, this place welcomes 13 million visitors, nearly double the figure of 7 million of the Eiffel Tower.

The church is also home to three relics for Jesus’ Passion, including the Cross, a nail and the crown, and the largest organ in France, dating from the 18th century – There are 5 keyboards, 109 stops and nearly 7374 tubes.

Secrets of Notre Dame Cathedral - the heart of France

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